Bodies are really fucking cool.

With the right care and effort, you can literally mold yourself.

Like what the fuck.
It’s awesome.

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This was a very touching horror movie. It was about bullied kids who just had enough of the abuse. So they threw a party inviting all the popular kids that harassed them for years. They drugged them all and tied them up. After that they tortured them as revenge. The sad thing is now these kids beg for mercy and are suddenly sorry. As disturbing as this sounds it’s a real eye opener. These bullied victims begged and begged the cheerleaders and jocks to stop bullying them in school but they didn’t and just laughed. And now the popular kids are begging when they go through the same fate, just physically. But you must know physical pain is just as hurtful as mental. Mental can actually be worse. And that is why this girl thinks she is ugly, she was burned by the girl who made her feel like she was ugly and worthless and now she has to live with it.

omg I love this movie!

This movie fucked me up

What’s the name of the movie then?

The Final